Organisation & Methodology

Photosynthèse’s team of qualified and passionate people also rely on the expertise of specific external resources (under NDA*). Our scientific, technical, financial and legal partners enable Photosynthèse to bring real added value to the projects it is involved in.

*Non Disclosure Agreement


Code of Ethics

Our strategy is built around values that define and represent our professional conduct. For example, we may refuse requests if we do not consider them to be in line with the fundamental values of Photosynthèse.
Ethics, respect and responsibility are the key values that shape our actions. The profitability of the proposed solutions is always a key objective. We believe that an initiative is only relevant if it is sustainable and therefore profitable. It is essential to find a balance between economic, ecological and social interests. In the specific case of Photosynthèse, any amount invested in a project by a client must produce a positive result. This is the prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability of innovative approaches.