Take advantage of our extensive experience and proven solutions. Create real business opportunities in sectors that are currently underexploited.

Some examples:

Cushioning solutions for logistics

Alternative products to the traditional cushioning system:

  • Absorption wadding
  • Example Blocbox
  • Premium protection
  • Technical reinforcement
  • Pre-cut cushioning material

Technical geotextiles

Development and multiple solutions:

  • Protection of shrub plantations
  • Mechanical maintenance of dunes against sedimentation
  • Substrate for green roofs and walls

Composite materials

Existing and future solutions:

  • Structural reinforcement
  • Lightweight materials
  • Modified properties (flexibility, elasticity, etc.)

Thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Natural insulation in rolls and panels
  • Loose insulation for attic space
  • Acoustic insulation:
    • – Construction
    • – Automotive
  • Caulking products